Our Story

My name is Amika Kruger and I am the Creative Director for Naturally Āio. I  gather all of our rongoa, formulate and create our products right through to shipping out to our customers from our home office in Whangarei, New Zealand.

As a child I suffered with excema for 30 years and only ever knew how to mask the problem with steroid creams. In 2021 I started making my own natural products and discovered the amazing healing properties of kawakawa and kūmarahou. Since then I have drastically minimised the use of steroid cream and my skin is so much healthier for it.

In our household we use natural products and remedies as our first line of defence and it is our goal to be completely using our own line of natural products.

Naturally Āio is a business derived from a mamas natural awareness and consciousness of the products used on hers and her daughter Āio's skin.